Boat Rental

Διοργανώνονται όμορφες μικρές κρουαζιέρες με σημείο αφετηρίας και άφιξης το νησί της Κιμώλου. Ένας μοναδικός τρόπος για να ξεναγηθείτε στις πανέμορφες παραλίες των 2 νησιών, πολλές για τις οποίες είναι δύσκολη ή αδύνατη η πρόσβαση με άλλο τρόπο. Μια μοναδική εμπειρία που θα σας ενθουσιάσει. Κάντε μπάνιο σε απίθανα μέρη και απολαύστε τα καθαρά γαλανά νερά των Κυκλάδων.
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Small cruises

Cruise around the island of Polyaigo, duration 5hours 960 euro (max 8 persons)
Cruise around the island of Kimolos duration 5hours 1100 euro (max 8 persons)

Routes can be differentiated according to weather

Rent a Yacht

There is a beautiful boat available for up to 8 people for moments of complete relaxation in the endless blue of the Aegean Sea. Sun, sea and only positive energy with a dream ship. Visit the beautiful Cycladic islands by sea and spend a dream holiday. The cosmopolitan Mykonos and the wonderful Santorini, the beautiful Milos, the perfect Sifnos, the fertile Serifos, the picturesque Tinos, the special Folegandros, the fantastic Naxos and the unique Syros. Explore the beautiful Kythnos, the unique Paros and the wild Polygeo or finally see all Cyclades Islands to Kalamaki or Lavrio for the ultimate experience. Experience unique moments by renting a boat.
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Kimolos Island , Rates 2019


Distance Trip Duration
Kimolos – Kalamaki, 1800 euro (6 person) 92 miles 4h
Kimolos – Lavrio, 1600 euro  (6person) 72 miles 3h 20min
Kimolos -Sifnos, 900 euro (max 8 person) 16 miles 1h
Kimolos -Kythnos, 1100 euro (max 8 person) 51 miles 2h 30min
Kimolos -Milos, 900 euro (max 8person) 15 miles 45min
Kimolos – Polyaigo, 960 euro (max 8person) 0,3miles 15min
KimolosSerifos, 1150 euro 22 miles 1h
Kimolos – Paros, 1200 euro 37 miles 2h
Kimolos – Syros, 1300 euro 56 miles 2h 50min
Kimolos – Folegandros, 1100 euro 26 miles 1h  20min
Kimolos – Tinos, 1350 euro 62 miles 3h
Kimolos – Naxos, 1400 euro 49 miles 2h 50min
Kimolos -Mykonos, 1450 euro 67 miles 3h
Kimolos -Santorini, 1550 euro 52 miles 2h  40min

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Crazy dream  Motor Yaght  is a  rebuilt 2018 Cranchi Mediterranean 40  with two VOLVO PENTA tampt engines 380hp each one (total 760hp),with  2 cabins, a cabin with a king-size bed and a bunk bed. Comfort and finesse are perceived from the first glance…

Comfort and finesse are perceived from the first glance … ..It is a houseboat ! Dreamy holidays or even a work trip without having to think of anything.

Our company offers:

  • Captain willing to travel to the place you dream of.
  • Extra personnel to cover any of your wishes (coffee, food, drink).
  • Day Cruise from 08:00 am to 20:00 pm to nearby islands but also inaccessible near Piraeus.
  • Tasteful meals for you and your beloved, turning your dinner into a floating restaurant.
  • Weekly cruises for 4 people creating together your dream trip to islands of your choice.
  • Ability for a menu suggested by us.
  • Use Bar.
  • Wi-Fi
  • Transfer to and from our ship.

Crazy dream  Motor Yaght  is a  rebuilt 2018 Cranchi Mediterranean 40  with two VOLVO PENTA tampt engines 380hp each one (total 760hp),with  2 cabins, a cabin with a king-size bed and a bunk bed.
Comfort and finesse are perceived from the first glance.
It has a bathroom, kitchen, living room . There is a refrigerator with soft drinks and α mini bar for  drink of your choice, after agreement with the ship owner.
Τhe boat can be chartered with captain only.
The price includes the ship’s safety for third party damage..
The passengers from the time of chartering to the end are insured.

Security Covers
Physical damage 500,000€ people per person
Material damage 150,000€
Sea pollution 150,000€
Total company liability 1,6000,000€
There are life jackets for adults and children
Circular life jackets *2pieces
There is a inflatable Life Rafts
There is a small boat With paddles extra for 3 people
There are Fire Extinguishers
2 VHF GPS and Epirb
Before chartering it is necessary to know passport number, age and full names of the passengers, to register the charter.
The aforementioned prices do not include taxes, harbors, gas expenses. Extra Baggage is subject to a charge.
Travel time and diesel cost are indicative of the importance of WIND, WEATHER and the daily DIESEL PRICES
Τhe boat needs 100lt per hour depending on the air and the speed of the boat.
The cost of gas is set at about 1.65€/lt with caution because gas prices are changing every day.

****Prices can be adjusted without any notice

Rent a speed boat

We offer rental of small speed boats for sea tours and explorations on any beach you wish. Get the freedom you want for your holiday today and get to know great places that you could not reach otherwise. Experience the sea experience by booking now.

These vessels offer the possibility of a sea escape – without the possession of a diploma, discovering places and beaches with difficult or impossible access by land, while offering the pleasure of “driving” to the blue sea.

By training for just 30 minutes before the beginning of your trip, you can start your journey immediately, having the absolute control of the boat in various conditions: march, stop and dock.

You start from the port of Psathi and you end up in it.
Rental period: 08:00 am – 20:00 pm

Rent prices per day (08:00-20:00)

June 200 euro
July and August 250 euro
September 200 euro

Skipper (optional) : 100 euro

The cost of the fuel is not included in the above prices and this is calculated after the trip has been completed and your return.

The amount of the Deposit & Guarantee**

With Credit Card  € 600.00

Without Credit Card € 600.00

Vessels are insured with mixed insurance.

**Deposit and Guarantee will be fully returned, after delivering the boat without any damage.