Organization of sea excursions

LIVE A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE, choosing the boat crew with captain Andreas Mavrogiannis, to take your tour of one of the most popular islands of Greece, Milos.Our tour will start at 10 a.m. from the port of Pollonia.On our way during our trip we ‘ll pass around Kimolos and we’ll continue our route for to explore the beauty and magic of sea ( Crystalline waters, impressive beaches of volcanic origin, platinum sandy beaches, pebble beaches, encircled by white, red, gold or black rocks covered by the cool light of the evening and also breathtaking caves), around of the uninhabited island, Polyaigos.During boat cruise, you will have the opportunity to taste homemade traditional dishes. Also lunch is offered, which will be prepared on board and will consist of fresh fish{The fish will be caught with nets which we had thrown into the sea from the previous night}, which will be caught in front of your eyes. Nevertheless, do not forget that all the beverages are free (wine, beer, juices, soft drinks). Our boat also is available for VIP reservations.Snorkelling equipment is offered( mask and snorkel) and also fishing rod for those who wanna live the experience .

For Fishing trip the prices are as follows:

Per person 60,00 Euro.

Per person 80,00 Euros.